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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolution Time

It's the beginning of a new year wich means it's resolution time, and I love making resolutions. I didn't do too well on last year's list. Of the ten items on my list, I only stuck with two. I managed to read 29 books last year (my goal was 20) and I started working early on my November boutique items so I wasn't too stressed out during the month of November. The new list has a lot of the same things, but a few new ones, too.

1. Buy another house by the end of the year. Or, at the very least, be able to start the search. Which leads right into #2.
2. Have enough money saved for a 20% deposit.
3. Read 30 books this year.
4. Run/Walk 1,000 miles and complete two 1/2 marathons (my first one is in March and I'm already signed up).
5. Have more items for my November boutique and have more of a variety.
6. Learn to sew using my sewing machine.
7. Knit 4 sweaters (that fit and that are nice enough to be worn out of the house) for me.
8. Use up my yarn/scrapbook supplies before I start buying more.
9. Update my blog more often!
10. Venture out from my normal routine (which generally includes staying home, crafting and watching TV, or running, alone) and make new friends.
11. Cook more often and try new things.
12. Try a little bit harder to be "green."

And here is a picture of Madison, Jackson and Bryce at the park after Christmas.

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