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Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Daily – Day 7

I ran out of ink on Monday so I couldn’t print any of my pictures and now I’m playing catch up with my pages. 

We had fun tonight watching movies and making Sidney laugh. 

Dec 7, 2011(1)Dec 7, 2011(2)

We tried a new honey lime enchilada recipe and it just might be the best thing I’ve ever made.  And I don’t think it was the three glasses of wine talking.  Even Mike loved them.  You should definitely try them right away.  They are that good.


Monday, December 5, 2011

December Daily–Day 4

Just a typical Sunday for us today.  Didn’t really do anything Christmas-y.  I didn’t take many pictures either.  But I did manage to catch this picture of Sidney mid jump with my phone when she was playing hopscotch in her room. 

Dec 4, 2011(1)Dec 4, 2011(2)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily - Day 3

We had quite an adventure yesterday.  We planned on going to the park, having a picnic, taking a nice long walk and then playing around in the leaves for a bit.  We sat down to eat our sandwiches and were immediately swarmed by ducks.  Sidney started screaming and was scared so we  moved everything into our van and ate in there. 

We finished eating, got out the stroller and tried to pack our bags in the storage area but I decided the bag was too big so I threw it back into the van and shut the door.  Then I realized my keys and my phone were in the bag.  Oops.  First time I’ve ever locked my keys in the car. 

We walked to a dry cleaners thinking we could get a metal hanger and jimmie the lock.  It didn’t work.  While we were all standing around the van a couple came over to help us.  I think they felt really bad that both of the girls were outside getting cold.  They called AAA and waited with us while the tow truck came to open the door.   They were so nice sitting in the cold with us.  There really are amazing people willing to give a little help even when it’s an inconvenience.  I don’t think I was able to express how much I appreciated it.

So, we still got to eat, walked a different path, met some new people and eventually played in the leaves.

Dec 3, 2011Dec 3, 2011006

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily–Day 2

We started our Elf tradition yesterday and the girls are going crazy!  They love him so much already and he’s only been around for a day.  We named him Scout and Madison kept trying to trick him into moving.  It was a good story for day two.

Dec 2, 2011Dec 2, 2011a005

Friday, December 2, 2011

December Daily – Day 1

I haven't done much scrapbooking since starting Project Life, so it took me a while to get day one finished.  I had to re-learn how to use photoshop elements, re-learn how to work my sewing machine and re-learn how to use the scanner.  Finally it's done and I can move on to day two.

Madison and Sidney got to watch a Christmas movie last night before bed.  They picked Shrek the Halls and they were glued to the TV.   After Sidney went to bed, we had a dance party with Madison.  She is so funny with her rules.  I was not allowed to wear an apron and everyone had to wear boots.

Dec 1

Monday, November 28, 2011


November usually goes by in a blur and this year was no exception.  With my annual boutique the weekend before Thanksgiving, I  spend most of the month rushing to get more done.   This year I did a lot!  I ended up with almost 60 baby hats, lots of ornaments, a whole forest of cork trees and a few other items.


Now that the boutique is done it feels like I’ve got all sorts of free time on my hands.  I spent the weekend working on my December Daily album for this year.  I ordered the Studio Calico kit and I love it.  I’m following pretty close to what Ali is doing with her album.  I am using a 3”x8.5” separator sheet and then my daily page.  The hardest part for me is keeping it simple.  I always feel like I should add more.  Here are a few of my favorites:






And finally I made a scrapbook page using my Studio Calico Field Guide Kit.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scrapbox Giveaway - NEW Winner

I didn't hear back from Sheeka so I picked a new winner - Carley C!  You have 24 hours to contact me with your full name, address, and phone number so I can get the ribbon box shipped to you.  If I don't hear from you in that time, a new winner will be selected.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scrapbox Giveaway Winner

Sheeka G. you are my winner! You have 24 hours to contact me with your full name, address, and phone number so I can get the ribbon box shipped to you.  If I don't hear from you in that time, a new winner will be selected.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Original Scrapbox Holiday Blog Hop

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Glitter Ornament Tutorial

Have you seen all the glitter ornaments around blogland lately?  I have and I’ve fallen in love with them. 


As soon as I figured out how to make them, I ran to Michaels for all my supplies and got to work.  I made two dozen the first night.  They are so easy, so fast and they’ll make excellent hostess gifts for all my Christmas parties this year.

Here is what you’ll need:

Pledge Floor Care with Future Shine (this stuff will last forever)
Clear glass ornaments
Envelope – to use as a funnel.  Cut in half and then snip off one corner
Extra Fine Glitter
Two small containers – one for the extra glitter and one for the extra Pledge


1.  Pop out all the metal hooks from the ornaments


2.  Squirt a little bit of the Pledge into the ornament and swirl it around.  Try not to shake it so there won’t be a lot of bubbles.


3.  After the inside of the ornament is completely coated in Pledge pour it into one of your containers.


4.  Pour your glitter into the ornament.


5.  Cover the opening of the ornament with your finger and shake the glitter so that everything is covered.


6.  Pour excess glitter into the 2nd container.


7.  Pop your hooks back on and you’re done!


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dining Room Table Redo

I bought a dining table and chairs off Craigslist several months ago and it sat in my dining room taking up space, collecting junk.  I had towels on the chairs because the fabric was dirty, and it was just a mess.  I started working on the chairs a few weeks ago and kept dragging my feet, not really getting it done.  I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was scared to mess it up.

Today we had a housewarming party and I really wanted the table and the chairs to be done so everything would look nice.  So I was outside in the garage every night last week stripping the old stain, sanding, painting, more sanding, more paining and then I put a top coat on the table.  I can’t believe how different everything looks with a little bit of paint and new stain.  I love how it turned out and it was much easier than I expected it to be.






I’m totally hooked on redoing furniture.  I have a buffet for our TV that’s next on my list of things to do.   Hopefully it won’t sit in my garage until Christmas!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Soccer Game

Watching four and five year olds play soccer is the most frustrating thing ever!  Yesterday was Madison’s first official soccer game.  We went over everything before the game:  run after the ball even if no one else is, they’ll follow you; try to get the ball into the goal; the goal what the net is called;  try to keep the ball away from the other team; the other team is wearing a different color than your team, etc. 

She seemed to get everything we told her.  Then the game started.  She kind of remembered what to do so she was having fun.  Then at the end of the game she was standing right in front of the goal with the ball all by herself.  She looked down and then looked at us like she didn’t know what to do!  Everyone was screaming for her to kick it in the goal.  By the time she realized what she was supposed to do, the other team had caught up and kicked the ball out of the way.  She didn’t score a goal yesterday, but her team did win. 

DSCN9932 (2)

I’m also trying to finish up some old projects and get caught up on my scrapbook pages.  I’m really trying to clear out some of the clutter in my craft room so I can figure out what I want to do with it.



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

How is your weekend going?  Ours is pretty quiet.  The extra day off just means more time for running errands, cleaning and having a BBQ on Monday instead of Sunday.  Even though we’re not doing a lot, I am getting a lot done and sometimes that’s all I want.

After I ordered my project life album for 2011, I loved it so much I ordered a second album for all my 2010 photos.  I finally finished it last night.  A few of my favorite pages:





Since starting project life I hadn’t done a single traditional scrapbook page until last week.  I forgot how much fun it was to just play around with all the paper and embellishments I have laying around.



I am also working on my first furniture project.  I found a dining table on Craigslist a few weeks after we moved into  our house and it’s been sitting in the garage.  It’s really not a hard project, but just the fear of screwing it up makes me put it off.  Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I had to keep telling myself that the worst that could happen is I mess it up and have to find another one.  Here is a before and after of the chairs:

The chairs are done now and I only have the table to do.  I’m hoping by next weekend everything will be finished.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


How about an update on what we’ve been doing lately.  If you remember what our backyard looked like a few months ago, you know it wasn’t pretty.



In June we rented two giant dumpsters and a jackhammer to get rid of all the concrete:



We hired someone to pour new stamped concrete and build a wall around the area where we will be laying sod.  We will bring in dirt so that the grass will be even with the top of the wall:


And the front of the wall:


We still have a lot more work to do but I can finally envision how everything will turn out.  I can’t wait to get some color back there.

When we’re not working in the yard we are going to soccer games:


Playing at the beach:



And taking silly pictures: