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Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily - Day 3

We had quite an adventure yesterday.  We planned on going to the park, having a picnic, taking a nice long walk and then playing around in the leaves for a bit.  We sat down to eat our sandwiches and were immediately swarmed by ducks.  Sidney started screaming and was scared so we  moved everything into our van and ate in there. 

We finished eating, got out the stroller and tried to pack our bags in the storage area but I decided the bag was too big so I threw it back into the van and shut the door.  Then I realized my keys and my phone were in the bag.  Oops.  First time I’ve ever locked my keys in the car. 

We walked to a dry cleaners thinking we could get a metal hanger and jimmie the lock.  It didn’t work.  While we were all standing around the van a couple came over to help us.  I think they felt really bad that both of the girls were outside getting cold.  They called AAA and waited with us while the tow truck came to open the door.   They were so nice sitting in the cold with us.  There really are amazing people willing to give a little help even when it’s an inconvenience.  I don’t think I was able to express how much I appreciated it.

So, we still got to eat, walked a different path, met some new people and eventually played in the leaves.

Dec 3, 2011Dec 3, 2011006


  1. love the patterned paper and the cicles/stars...

  2. Love the title and the ornament on the big photo.