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Friday, February 11, 2011

Holiday Decoration

I love decorating for holidays from Halloween through Sidney's birthday in January.  Once February hits, I kind of run out of steam and have no desire to put up anything for Valentine's Day.  This is a problem since Madison is all about decorating.  Everything.  She wants her room decorated, windows, doors, everything.  So the other day I found this tree thing at a thrift store.  I knew it would be perfect for Madison to decorate for all the holidays, but I wasn't crazy about the color.

After a little steel wool and some primer, I painted it with a pewter color and hung some paper hearts.  Madison loves it and I can easily hang something on it for all the upcoming holidays.

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  1. Hi Sanditerese What a pretty name and I have a sister in Vacaville, but I'm down here in Louisiana. I have one of these trees and it is gold; never thought about painting it and your simplicity of the paper hearts is a lot to be desired. Happy Valentine's Day Terri --

  2. That's a great idea. It doesn't take up much room, not too showy, but gets the holiday spirit across. Good job.

  3. so cute and me some steel wool and paint! :)