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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project Life Weeks 8 and 9

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything, but I have a good reason.  We've been house hunting!  We did make an offer and it was accepted, so now we're in the middle of home inspections and appraisals.  I am in love with this house even though it's stuck in the 80's.  But that just means I'll have lots of before and after pictures to show you.  In the meantime, here are my Project Life pages for weeks 8 and 9.

Week 8:

Week 9:


  1. your album is looking good! and good luck with yoru new house adventure :)

  2. Hope all goes smoothly with your house journey!

  3. That is super exciting! Moving closer downtown?

  4. congrats on the (hopefully) new house! Excited for you guys. Good luck with everything, I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

  5. I love these pages! what a nice idea! I am inspired!