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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Disneyland Trip

We had a great trip to Disneyland and I wish I could go back right now.  I had prepared myself for the worst - long bathroom lines, cranky girls, Madison being too scared to go on the rides - but it ended up being so easy! 

We started out slow on It's a Small World, then worked our way up to the bigger rides.

Once Madison got used to it, she wanted to go on everything.   She wanted to ride "Faster than the wind" on the teacups.

While waiting in line to see Tinkerbell, we saw a little area of water filled with coins.  Madison wanted to know why there was money in the water.  I told her you throw a penny in the water and make a wish.  I gave her a penny and asked her what shew as going to wish for.  She said "True Love."  ( in that Duh Mommy voice)

We had lunch with the Princesses.

And took lots of pictures.

We're still working on our house and I'm all up to date on my Project Life album so I'll have some updates soon!

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