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Monday, November 12, 2012

Buffet Redo

I found this buffet on Craigslist a few years ago for $40.  It came with a hutch so it was a pretty good deal.  When we moved into our current house, we used the bottom half to hold the TV until we could find something better.  We ended up really liking the set up, so we kept it.  The only problem was, the buffet hadn't been painted yet.

It sat in our family room like this for almost a year, through parties and holidays.  My mom was so embarrassed for me.  Every time someone came over, she would tell them that it would be painted soon and that's not the way it would stay.

Finally, before a big family party, I took it out to the garage and painted it.  The original plan was to paint the bottom and stain the top a dark brown, like our dining room table.  For some reason, the stain would not take, so I had to paint the whole thing.  I used a flat interior paint, distressed the edges and then used Minwax Finishing Paste to seal it.  I love the way it turned out.  I have a hard time with the gloss paint because it leaves too many brush strokes.  With the flat paint, I don't have any.  The paste gives it a smooth satiny finish. 

It's been painted since May and I don't have a single scratch or ding on it.  The finishing wax is so durable!  Even with both my girls opening and closing the doors constantly, it is still holding up. 

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  1. Love it! I tried to paint a piece of furniture once and it was a disaster. Kudos on getting it right!