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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Before Christmas

We have had a great weekend. Most of my Christmas shopping was done weeks ago, so I haven't had to go to any of the crazy stores. Last night we went to a Christmas party and Madison was running around like crazy, eating every cookie she could get her hands on and then passed out on the way home.

This morning we hung out at home and Madison wanted to take pictures with Santa.

Then I did some grocery shopping at Safeway, got into an argument with the cashier, and got all this stuff for...

22 cents! That cashier kept insisting she missed some of the items because she couldn't believe the total. Most of it was from ecoupons. Ever used them? They are great. You just load them onto your club card and they automatically come off. You can get them here, here and here.


  1. Your little angels are too cute and adorable. The weekend before Christmas is always hectic and busy but happy that you manage to update. Looking forward to some of knitting patterns.