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Sunday, January 24, 2010

We've had lots of sleepless nights here, but this morning everything felt like it was getting back to normal. I would never have guessed the emotional roller coaster that would come with having two children. Every time I leave one of them, I feel guilty like they're being ignored. Combine that with hormones that are still out of control, rainy weather and no sleep and it's not good. The tears just don't stop.

Last night Madison had a stuffed up nose and couldn't stop crying because she couldn't breathe. All I wanted to do was take care of her but I had a baby to feed and I didn't want to get sick and pass it along to Sidney. So Mike stayed with her all night and of course, I was crying, again.

Luckily, Sidney went to sleep at 10:00, got up once to eat and then was up at 7:30 this morning. Everything felt normal again, probably because I wasn't sleep deprived. I just don't do well without a routine.

Yesterday we had just a couple hours of sun before the rain started again. Madison and I took our babies for a walk. This is what she wore to go walking:

And Sidney all bundled up:

Hopefully, Sidney will sleep well again tonight and I can start scrapbooking again. I miss it. With all the midnight feedings, I've been online looking at different scrapbook blogs and have lots of inspiration!


  1. You are a great mom. Cry all you get to do whatever you want after you have a baby.

  2. They are without a doubt the cutest little girls on the planet. You're so lucky and such a great mom, Sandi! :)

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