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Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 More Days

I can't believe in 4 days (or less, maybe) I will have another baby. Yikes! We'll be starting all over again with diapers, and midnight feedings. Just when things were calming down with Madison, we will start again. I am excited, though, even if it doesn't sound like it.

Last week Mike's brother and his family came to visit and brought Maidson a birthday present. All I can say is, Uncle Johnny will forever be her favorite uncle. She is still asking when she gets to see Uncle Johnny again. Take a look at what she got:

Just look at that monster! She got a little scared when she first sat down and pressed the gas pedal. Once we disconnected the battery and she could sit on it without being afraid, we couldn't get her off. She likes to sit backwards and stand on the seat like she's doing tricks. She can't get enough of it.

Lately, Madison has been posing for all her pictures with her eyes closed. I keep having to remind her to smile with her eyes open. That's when we end up with pictures that look this this (I can't stop laughing every time I look at this picture):

And finally, a few more scrapbook pages:


  1. Nice ride, Madison!!!!

    Sandi, every time I see that you have a new post I think, "Oh yeah! She had the baby!!" I'm trying to wait patiently...I'm so excited!

  2. That picture of Madison with her eyes wide open is hilarious! She's such a little character! :)